Soft flex, light weight, medium rocker allround freestyle/freeride board  

By popular demand, the new Cruzer is back in a lighter weight and perfectly refined version from its popular 1st generation predecessor.

Designed as a versatile all round board that a rider can grow into, the new Cruzer adapts to the style and performance needs from all riders. Perfectly positioned below the high performance all rounder Joke board, Cruzer was developed to provide all the freeriding needs that are demanded by every kiteboarder, from your first jumps to high performance freestyle. The new Cruzer boasts effortless upwind performance, smooth and easy riding combined with single deck contouring for optimal reflex, also assisting in easier grabbing and carrying.

Forest Bakker, WH Pro Rider on the new Cruzer: "When first riding the Cruzer I was impressed how comfortable it felt on choppy waters. Coming from 2 knee injuries I was happy to finally find a board that gave me the extra flex needed to save my knees on impact without letting out the explosive pop. This will be my board of choice!"


Size Length Width
131 131cm 39cm
136 136cm 40.5cm
141 141cm



Single Constant Concave

Single, constant concave from tip to the tip with flatness on rails for easy landings.


Channel profile along the entire top of board assists in putting feet in straps and carrying the board

Light, durable custom core construction

All new construction (wood/PVC airex foam) to ensure maximum durability and performance.

Single Deck Contouring

SDC on the Cruzer provides the rider with impressive pop and reflex.

Exceptional Upwind Performance

Cruzer outline and shape ensures optimal upwind capabilities.

4 option inserts

Cruzer offers 4 inserts for a broad range of stance options with straps or boots.


  • Cruzer Board

    Light weight with a soft flex, medium rocker allround freestyle/freeride performance board.
  • Straps

    High quality, adjustable straps providing maximum comfort and support.
  • Pads

    High quality ergonomic pads providing maximum comfort and control.
  • Fins

    (4) G10 claw 4CM/ 1.75” Fins with M5 screw.
  • Accessory Bag

    Nylon accessory bag to store all the boards hardware.
  • Grab handle

    Convenient grab handle to assist rider when putting feet in straps and carrying the board

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