ManiaC 2.0

The ManiaC 2.0 is the 2nd generation of the proven and progressive “ManiaC” C shaped traction kite design. The Wainman Hawaii R&D Department fine-tuned the original mystical machine into an unparalleled performer that is setting the industry standard for C-kite performance. The new school ManiaC 2.0 offers a unique blend of performance and ease of use that perfectly suits all wakestyle and freestyle c-kite enthusiasts.

The ManiaC 2.0 boasts an “out the bag” production 5th/V-line as a stock setup for increased stability and easier relaunch while ensuring a lighter and desired bar pressure “feel”. With a reduced leading edge diameter and overall canopy weight, the ManiaC 2.0 has improved aerodynamics and effortless upwind performance. The combination of the refinements from the first version has resulted in vastly improved performance characteristics that include amazing slack for wakestyle maneuvers, while providing powerful pop to boost you into the air.  Other improvements included a direct feel & control, hooked in boosting and freeride spirit, and a legitimate mega looper making the ManiaC 2.0 a well rounded and serious contender in the niche C-Kite market! 

Additionally, the ManiaC 2.0 and bar can be converted to a 4-line option. Multiple settings on ManiaC 2.0 provide the ability to adjust the kite to fit the riders perfect feel and performance needs depending on the riders preference. A new large inflate/deflate valve and modified single point inflation system together with an all-new efficient pump, enables the rider to get wet in a record time!

The kite is complemented by an improved customized freestyle bar system (ManiaC 2.0 Control Bar) offering a new harness loop system, an “out the bag” production 5th/V-line, all new components/molds and a thinner bar shaft with new ergonomic comfortable grip provides supreme handling efficiency.




Kite Size Bar Size* Wind Range**
6,5m Small Bar 30 - 39 knots
8m Small Bar 25 - 33 knots
9,5m Medium Bar 20 - 28 knots
11,5m Medium Bar 16 - 22 knots
14m Medium Bar 10 - 18 knots

* recommended
** for 70kg rider on a Twintip board

5th/V-Line Stability & Power Delivery

New school 5 strut C-kite design with a 5th/V-Line ensures maximum stability and smooth power delivery in all wind conditions.

Direct Handling & Control

Direct connect for precision control and response when controlling the ManiaC 2.0 kite.

Customizable & High Performance

There are 4 user friendly and simple to adjust settings on the back lines to adjust the kite`s reaction to the bar (Slow to Fast)

Single Point Inflation (VIS)

VIS (Vein Inflation System) with a new large inflate/deflate valve allows for fast inflate/deflate single point inflation of the kite.

Modern C-Shape Geometry

Each ManiaC 2.0 has its own unique progressive shape and designed/trimmed individually in order to provide a similar feeling and maximize performance.

Simple & Reliable Re-launch

No need to swim towards the kite, just pull the 5th/V-Line for effortless re-launch.


ManiaC 2.0 has been refined to offer the rider maximum slack for unhooked riding combined with explosive pop for unparalleled wakesyle performance.


Where is the real fun in kiting? It is catching air! No matter if you can already boost the biggest air or if you’re still working on jumping over surfboards. What matters is the feeling. The key is the sensation of flight. Feel that power and blast off for old school boosting that the ManiaC 2.0 offers!


ManiaC 2.0 offers the rider unhooked performance that is required by pure freestyle and wakestyle connoisseurs, as well as hooked in performance for free riding and boosting.


The ManiaC 2.0 direct connect setup provides precision control allowing the rider to put the kite where it belongs at the right moment in slider riding, freestyle, boosting, wakesytyle and mega loops.


You only want to mega loop a kite that you know will be there for you as you are flying parallel to the beach with the kite below you! ManiaC 2.0 is that kite, giving you confidence to go bigger with raw power cannonball loop, but catches the rider every time for a safe and soft landing.


  • Maniac 2.0 Kite

    High performance inflatable kite
  • Maniac 2.0 Kite Bag

    Ergonomic kite bag & functional inner bag
  • Repair kit & Spares

    Bladder/Canopy repair essentials
  • Pump (*sold separately)

    All new high quality pump with rapid inflation and maximum efficiency

MANIAC 2.0 Control Bar

Customizable, Durable & Performance
  • Multiple bar setup options
  • Swivel with ceramic bearing
  • New Large Harness Loop & Pro Leash
  • Ergonomic comfortable grip
  • Precision engineered metal center piece
  • Proven, push away Quick Release (QR)
  • Safe with 100% flagout
  • Above the bar depower
  • Increased durability of the depower main line

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