One of the favorite and very respected members in the gang since day one, has received the same functional changes as Bunny, making it a perfect tool for a solid wave session or strong wind TT’s “blast off” days. That was our vision for the RG3.0 Gypsy 6.25 and the latest test by IKSURF crew agree: 

"The Gypsy is an amazing kite in strong and gusty winds.It will suit the hardcore freeriders who will enjoy its aggressive nature and wave riders will enjoy the drifting capabilities of the kite. IF you are just starting to unhook you'll get a lot out of the kite too. Smaller siders will enjoy the short depower throw and be able to use the kite in lighter winds as well. Excellent build quality with an awesome bar and bag make the Gypsy a fantastic all round package..."

The full test write up is available HERE.