NEW Wainman Hawaii freestyle edit, featuring our latest signing Forest Bakker shredding on The ManiaC C-Kite is OUT NOW!

Forest on "Eyes" Project:

"Eyes." Is a project I've been working on since getting my hands on the Wainman Hawaii ManiaC C kites. After several weeks getting used to the kites and waiting for my new camera, it was time to start filming some action... The only problem was that the wind in TARIFA has been really bad lately, so it was hard for me to find the perfect days for filming. I decided to get some lifestyle shots instead while waiting, a couple of girls in bikini is what it took to test out my new camera and get nice sexy shots that fit with the title of the video. One morning my buddies and me woke up and it appeared to be the perfect conditions to kite at a secret spot in Los lances. The water was flat, not an average flat, it was like glassy flat, it felt like riding in heaven, my board was cutting through the water like my knife cutting through half melted butter, you get the idea... It was time to feed my 11.5m ManiaC with some decent wind. Check out the video to see more. 

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