We are pleased to present our new pads/straps for our twin tip collection (Blunt, Cruzer & Joke). The new pads/straps have a new unique color scheme for each board and features of the new pads/straps include:

Memory Foam System - MFS - Footstraps customized exactly to the shape of your own foot! The MFS system adapts footstraps to your feet after only a few rides - so you can ride your board for hours and hours without hurting your feet.

Dampening Foam System - DFS - The structure of a 3 foam layer enables the control system to increase the board edge control, while eliminating vibrations when landing jumps.

Toe Ridge System - TRS - combination of elastic foam ridges placed both in the footpad and footstrap to perfectly lock you foot within the pad. THis provides great performance and significantly increases the comfort of riding.

Antislip Top Layer - ATL- Antislip layer of our pads, developed in cooperation with car tyres manufacturer, brings superior adhesion between your foot and the footpad, complimenting a great design.

Easy Mounting System - EMS - new plastic strap - “Vario” locks with 3 options of mounting. You can simply change your footstrap’s position to one of the 3 possible options and get the maximum and desired comfort!

The new pads/straps combo will ensure a more comfortable ride and compliment the proven performance Wainman Hawaii twin tip collection.

All complete Blunt, Cruzer and Joke twin tips orders will now have the new pads/straps.



Wainman Hawaii International