Since the introduction of our 3-model surfboard lineup: Magnum, Gambler and Passport in 2011, Wainman Hawaii has always prioritized pure surf performance and quality. Developed together with world-renowned waterman and shaper, Sean Ordonez, each model offers various features ensuring maximum performance and stoke on the water, no matter the conditions or experience level of the rider. 
The R&D team has continued to follow our performance and quality philosophy by carefully testing, fine-tuning and refining the 3rd generation of these proven shapes. Durability combined with maximum performance has always been a major priority in our surfboard development. We therefore worked closely with our production facility using the most optimal composites resulting in the all-new HD Custom Core: increased durability without hindering any performance! 
The construction and visual improvements of the new Magnum, Gambler and Passport, make them an attractive and user friendly complete package, maintaining the best performance characteristics of light and reactive boards with a true surf feeling.