Several of our global pro team riders have pushed the new ManiaC 2.0 to the limits and the feedback has been awesome!

Alvaro Onieva - Wainman Hawaii Spain/International

“The new ManiaC has a lot of personality for a C-Kite. Not only will it provide you with good slack for power moves but it also has a great pull and pop to boost you high in the air for more adrenaline and an even more intense feeling. This kite will perfectly suit all freestylers that are tired of riding kites with too much slack and no power and will fall in love with this new version. The new bar maintains the simplicity you need for a wakestyle bar. The new chicken loop is considerably more stable than the previous version so it is very easy to hook in and out. The new thickness of the lines gives you much more confidence to go big and go for some mega loops!”


Niccolo Porcella- Wainman Hawaii International

“The conditions in Maui are not perfect for wakestyle but when the conditions are good, I use the ManiaC 2.0 and have an absolute blast.  The fun factor combined with performance make me froth for more after every session!"


Maxi Gomez - Wainman Hawaii Spain/International

"The new Maniac 2.0 has a lot of potential. This year the kite is faster, has a lot of pop and has more slack. Also the new bar has thicker lines so the kite is more reactive for unhooked tricks. The one pump system has been upgraded so pumping the 14 m feels like the 6.5!  The kite has a lot of style and combined with the new bar, it is amazing!" 


Jan Rogge - Wainman Hawaii Germany

“The new ManiaC 2.0 continues on the excellent performance of the first generation. The changes in the design gives you much more lift during loops but it still keeps the massive pop and the optimal slack for your unhooked tricks.  The new valve and pump saves you a lot of time, which you can now spend on the water! Also the new Bar made the step to the next level with stronger lines and a very nice grip gives you the control you need during your tricks. On top of all these new features, the Green colour is so sick!!!"


Oli Panny - Wainman Hawaii Germany

“The ManiaC 2.0 has massive performance and quality improvements from the last model. The 5th line setup makes it super stable, and even without the 5th line, it is great. This is a kite for everybody who wants to charge and step up to the next level.“


Peer Cipriani - Wainman Hawaii Germany

"With the new Maniac and its bar, you experience this very special and intimate “Wainman Hawaii feeling“. Everyone who has ridden a Wainman kite before, will know what I mean.  It provides the optimal composition of power and slack, which makes it perfect for technical tricks and obstacles as well. The kite is mean, explosive, but it's still easy to tame it's temperament. The new Bar is top notch and simply doesn't leave any room to wish for. You won't find a bar on the marked that is so simple and still safe and functional. At least I haven’t!”