If you haven't had an opportunity to try our RSE kites yet, or you have used only Rabbit kites in your school, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with  RSE 2015 business offer below to find out how your business can benefit from it.

From the very beginning, our innovative (RSE) Rabbit School Edition program has resulted in a huge success, attaining more than 80 professional schools worldwide in 2 years that have trusted our reputation for unrivalled product quality, price and service standards.

With years of experience in kitesurfing industry, Wainman Hawaii has managed to create a unique program designed in collaboration with the top instructors worldwide and equipment based on the Rabbit 3.0 kite series design.

Thanks to that, and our continuous RSE program development, we guarantee that the school equipment offered by us is always one step ahead in the industry and we meet expectations of both demanding instructors, competitive market and new kitesurfers worldwide.

Main technical aspects of the new RSE kite & bar for 2015:

  • new RSE kites are based on the latest RG 3.0 series
  • made with Double Ripstop and high quality DP Dacron
  • new bars with new components same as seen in RG 3.0 series

NEW PRODUCT  - dedicated TT boards for schools/teaching !!! 

We are excited to announce that NEW Wainman Hawaii twin tip board, dedicated for schools and instruction, and suitably named for their purpose: SuperStarter®, is in production for release in April 2015!

Methodical testing, tweaking and developed to desired perfection by the R&D department, with input from team riders, instructors and various schools, have resulted in 3 perfect tools for instruction: 135,143 and 150cm SuperStarter®!

To compliment and complete our “School Edition” equipment lineup, the SuperStarter® is color-coded to match the Rabbit School Edition kite and bar, with ease of use prioritized.  

These boards were designed to provide students the experience of kiting the easy way while providing the instructor a tool they can trust to provide top-notch and effective instruction.

SAVE MONEY! Teach students efficiently with professional RSE products!

All 9 premium RSE® kites are based on the latest Rabbit 3.0 kite design and built only from the highest quality materials in our production process including Double Ripstop and high quality DP Dacron complemented with the new, redesigned bar.

RSE 2015 KITES®: Specifications & Features

  • 9 proven and versatile sizes with logical color coding
  • Effortless Re-launch
  • Improved construction and durability of the kites
  • Reduced weight of the kites
  • Improved flying characteristics
  • Great stability and direct feeling
  • Amazing wind range and depower capabilities
  • Speed trimming options

RSE 2015 CARROT BAR®: Specifications & Features

The focus for the bar is on quality, material refinements and ease of use to provide students with the perfect fusion of safety and simplicity.  Extra soft, durable and protective materials has resulted in one of the safest, robust, and ergonomic school bars in the industry.

  • 3 proven and versatile bar sizes (Small, Medium, Large)
  • Logical color coding (left/right) - simple and clean design
  • Dedicated School Safety System - 100% Depower (flag out)
  • New components: Quick Release (proven push away), bar ends, chicken loop
  • Increased durability of the depower main line 
  • Short lines option

RSE 2015 "SUPERSTARTER"® TWIN TIP BOARDS: Specifications & Features

  • 3 Sizes (135, 143, 150 cm) to meet the needs of all students of any shape and size
  • Durable Polyurethane Hardwood Construction
  • Lightweight construction for simple and comfortable handling, in and out of the H20
  • Precision outline shape ideal for first starts
  • Easy and slow riding perfect for beginners
  • Low rocker line for optimal and effortless upwind riding
  • “Loose” feeling on water for first turns and transitions
  • Channel profile along the entire board to assist student for holding when putting feet in straps
  • Great for first jumps

RSE 2015 CUSTOMIZED BRANDING: Stand out from the crowd with customized school logo printing!

It’s about time you differentiate your business from your competitors and turn your school kites into a unique marketing tool anywhere you go.

Here at Wainman Hawaii we offer you individual screen printing on RSE kites for that extra visual impact, as well as on other branding materials like tents, beach flags and banners to complete the RSE marketing package.


  • Max logo size on kites: 1.4m x 1.2m
  • RSE 2.5m: Wainman Hawaii logo only
  • Each school logo to be sent in vector graphics and Pantone colors
  • 2 colors as standard (more colors optional at extra charge)
  • 473EUR / 578USD / 420GBP one time screen print cost

Anything from a school logo to any other catchy graphics, just send us your design in the specified format and make your school branding easily recognizable for your clients, both on the water and on the beach!

RSE 2015 GLOBAL MARKETING: Advertise your business worldwide for free with Wainman Hawaii!

Our RSE project aims to increase school benefits in conjunction with Wainman Hawaii global expansion. We are going to promote every participating RSE Kite School through all our marketing channels – social media, e-newsletters and a dedicated RSE website: http://www.wainmanhawaii.com/schools

Our marketing efforts will promote top schools from around the world, together with regular, intensive advertising campaign on major kitesurfing forums and magazines websites. We use efficient Google positioning for each particular location worldwide that can easily generate new customers at no additional cost.

Efficient marketing support for RSE participating schools is one of our priorities while at the same time we focus on interacting with current and graduating students while promoting kitesurfing as a healthy lifestyle and a safe sport.

From "School of the Month” title to advertising for any event you are deciding to hold at your spot, we will help you boost your business marketing within your target audience!

RSE 2015 TEAM DISCOUNT DEALS: Keep your instructors stoked every day!

Thanks to RSE program, every registered school can now purchase any of the best selling Wainman Hawaii gear for their Instructors at a special rate depending on the RSE order.

With a minimum 5 RSE kites order per school you can now register up to 5 Instructors depending on the school size where you are entitled to purchase a quiver of kites each for personal and school use.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us @