Our Norwegian wave killer Cato Olsen is at it again! Even though it is "a bit of a late arrival" as he says, the wave season in Norway is on!

Few words from Cato:

"A bit of a late arrival, but finally the waves are starting to build! We scored a really nice session this weekend, at our local spot Sele Beach. Just had an amazing experience, and a real kick off session for the season. Waves where just getting bigger and bigger, wind stronger and stronger, and even the Sun came out! It just was a perfect day out in the surf, totally stoked!! I really hope we get more epic conditions the next two months, it`s going to be great fun !!"

We share Cato's action gallery of his latest strapless wave action! Awesome as always!

Stay tuned for more Norwegian action from Cato soon!


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Photos: Courtesy of Cato Olsen