It is our pleasure and honor to present our great Cabarete Rabbit Gang production - "300 windy days a year - Welcome to Cabarete".

This particular video was made to show what Cabarete Rabbit Gang has to offer in Cabarete, no gimmicks or hype. From Wainman Hawaii state of the art gear, to some fun climbing on a tree for a pic after an intense kite session in a pristine local surfing beach. We have riders come from everywhere in the world and at least give the Rabbit Gang salute with the v sign in the back of our heads while riding. Also our local riders are known and considered legends or ambassadors of Cabarete around the world. Since we have 300 days of wind a year, the skill level of our local kiters is considered very high. We have Luciano Gonzalez and Kelvin Corniel currently riding our beautiful Rabbit 2.0 series. We also have Wainman riders Simon Gill from Canada and Dylan Shewfelt from Mexico come here to visit often and for long periods of time.

Few words from Quillo - Maraja Kite Center Boss:

"We are in the middle of sunny and warm tropical Caribbean, between Cuba and Puerto Rico, and share the island with Haiti. We Dominicans are very hospitable to begin with, and the tourism is our biggest industry, so mix that with the trade winds that have been blowing steady, 300 days a year at an average of 15-20 knots, before Columbus arrived some nautical miles downwind from Cabarete over 500 years ago, and voile. It's a sure recipe for a successful kite-boarding spot.

We have a highly popular kite school and test-center, obviously powered by Wainman Hawaii gear, which we feel is the most complete brand of kites at the moment. We are part of a beach-club concept, complete with Restaurant and Lounge, VIP room, private parking, private security, pool, lockers, showers, exclusive beach area and located right next to a highly popular VIVA resort in one of the best stretch of beach in Bozo, Cabarete.

We would like to thank Drew and Lou and Wainman Hawaii for believing in us, for the stoke and great vibes that inspires all of us to have more fun that everyone else in the water in Cabarete. Also we would like to thank the riders Simon, Dylan, Kelvin and Luciano. Also, we are very thankful that Max chose to move to Cabarete from his native Italy and has become part of the Cabarete Rabbit Gang over the years. He edited this video for us, and we had a blast doing it."

Thanks for watching. We hope to see you in Cabarete soon. Come without gear and get your kites and boards from Wainman Hawaii Cabarete Rabbit Gang!

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