Gambler 510

Gambler - new generation, wider profile, stable, suited for all conditions and riders.

Developed to be enjoyed for everyday, strapped or strapless fun riding, this board should be ridden 4-5 inches shorter than your classic surfboard. Designed for a more explosive riding style than the narrower and faster Magnum, Gambler's insane surf characteristics and unique rocker line allows for radical performance even in light winds. The magic aspect of this progressive modern shape is the thrill and excitement it delivers, even in conditions that are considered average.

A great choice for everyday fun with high performance capabilities.


  Length Width Thickness Weight (+/-5%)
5'7" 170cm (67") 49,5cm (19,5") 5,7cm (2,25") 3,19kg
5'10" 178cm (70") 50,8cm (20,0") 6,3cm (2,5") 3,38kg

HD Custom Core Construction

All new WH exclusive "HD Custom Core” technology to ensure maximum durability with a lightweight and reactive feel.

Custom Shape & Performance

Proven shapes by Sean Ordonez with over 20 years of shaping experience providing a unique feeling and performance similar to a custom hand made board.

User friendly with incredible stability

Gamblers extra width ensures early planning, stability and user friendly performance for all wind and wave conditions.

Performance in various conditions

Gambler unique rocker line provides amazing performance in various wave conditions - from solid reef breaks to mushy onshore conditions to flat water.

Custom Fin Setup

Gambler offers the rider a Quad or Thruster option to customize his/her surfboard characteristics.

Strapped or strapless riding

Gambler has an option to be ridden strapless or with straps to meet the demands of all riders.


  • Surfboard

    Pure surf performance with WH exclusive "HD Custom Core" technology for maximum durability with a lightweight feel.
  • Fins

    Light-weight high performance honeycomb (Future) fins with fin key.
  • Straps

    Durable and light-weight straps providing maximum comfort.
  • Board bag

    High quality, padded board bag with nylon zipper for safe storage and protection of your stick.
  • Full deck pads

    Light-weight EVA foam 4-piece deck pad set providing maximum grip and comfort over the entire board.

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