SuperStarter was designed to provide students the experience of kiting the easy way while providing the instructor a tool they can trust to provide top-notch and effective instruction. With lightweight and durable construction, the boards are color-coded to match the Rabbit School Edition kite and bar and perfect for first rides and upwind riding.

SuperStarter: The most affordable and effective instruction board for any progressive kite school today!


Size Length Width
135 135cm 41cm
143 143cm 43.5cm
150 150cm 42.5cm


Channel profile along the entire top of board assists in putting feet in straps and carrying the board.

Precise Shape

Precision outline shape ideal for first starts


Low Rocker

Low rocker line for optimal and effortless upwind riding.

Durable Construction

Lightweight durable polyurethane hardwood Construction for simple and comfortable handling.

Easy Feeling

"Loose" feeling on water for first turns and transitions.

Fast Progress

Great for take off, upwind and first jumps.


  • Superstarter Board

    Entry level lightweight with a soft flex,low rocker allround board.
  • Straps

    High quality, adjustable straps providing maximum comfort and support.
  • Pads

    High quality ergonomic pads providing maximum comfort and control.
  • Fins

    (4) G10 claw 5CM/ 2” Fins with M5 screw.
  • Grab handle

    Convenient grab handle to assist rider when putting feet in straps and carrying the board

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