On Feb 15, 2015, the first ever North American endurance snow kite event sponsored by Red Bull (Red Bull Kite Farm) was held in Saskatchewan, Canada.  After white out conditions postponed the race, WH Canada Team Rider, Simon Gill earned 1st place in the ski division. Congrats to Simon!

Read more on the event write up and words from Simon with The Kiteboarder Magazine. Special thanks to local WH Dealer, Leading Edge Kiteboarding, for the support and representaion at the event. 

His 1st place earned him an invite to Red Bull Ragnarok in April (9-12), where he will meet the worlds best endurance racers to take on Norway’s toughest conditions. The name "Ragnarok" stems from an incident in Norse mythology, describing the last battle between the good and evil Gods, where only the heroes of the battlefield survive. Red Bull Ragnarok imitates this myth in the respect that only a mere few snow-kite heroes will succeed. This race is renowned for its brutal conditions and endurance, with the only the toughest riders successfully completing the course.

Best of luck to Simon and we are confident he will push the limits and represent Wainman Hawaii to the max!

For more information on Red Bull Ragnarok, click here.

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