After a rigorous testing process in various conditions globally, we are proud to announce that the Wainman Hawaii Surfboards 3.0 will be available for sale in February 2015!

Since the introduction of our 3-model surfboard lineup in 2011 developed together with world-renowned waterman and shaper, Sean Ordonez, Wainman Hawaii has always prioritized pure surf performance and quality. Our R&D team continued to follow this philosophy carefully testing, fine tuning and refining our 3rd generation of these proven shapes. Durability combined with maximum performance have always been a major priority in our board development. We therefore worked closely with our surfboard production facility in order to provide the most optimal composites to increase durability without hindering any performance.

Continuing with the Magnum, Gambler and Passport models, the all new custom production technology, combined with a complete accessory package, makes these amazing shapes a unique and extremely attractive in a very competitive market.

The improvements in the WH Surfs 3.0 are both visual and in construction. This ensures that the complete package is not only attractive and user friendly, but maintains the best performance characteristics of light and reactive boards with a true surf feeling!

Wainman Hawaii Surfboard 3.0 models:

Gambler (5’7” & 5’10”): wider profile, stable and suited for all conditions and riders. A great choice for everyday fun while providing performance in all conditions. Thruster or Quad

Magnum (5’7”, 5’10”, 6’0”, 6’2”): a big wave weapon and flat-water speedster. Smooth surf feel, fast driving and amazing stability. Thruster

Passport (5’8”, 5’11”): welcome to the world of kite surfing. A dedicated strapless board for any experience level in all conditions. Quad

Wainman Hawaii Surfboards 3.0 specifications and features:

  •     Our exclusive "HD Custom Core" technology - combination of Wood x Carbon x HD PVC foam construction
  •     Unique and exciting graphics that visually delivers an “Art in motion” concept on the water
  •     3 fins – Magnum (thruster)
  •     4 fins – Passport (quad)
  •     5 fins – Gambler (thruster or quad)
  •     New 4-piece deck pads set (for Magnum & Gambler) made with dense and lightweight EVA foam providing the maximum grip and comfort over the entire board.
  •     Proven lightweight straps design providing the rider with the maximum comfort. New screws for easy assembly and faster positioning of straps.
  •     Innovative bag design with new nylon zipper made to improve ease of opening.

All new Surboard 3.0 will be available soon for exploration in our Showroom pages and for purchasing at your local Wainman Hawaii dealer!