Fadi Issa has graced the pages of all kiteboarding headlines for years as he's one of the legendary Maui pioneers. At his home spot in Fuerteventura, he and his Rabbit Gang are in a class of their own!
As one of main people behind the RSE Program, Fadi had been testing School Edition kites the entire winter with his local crew. The action gallery we are sharing with you today was taken during those tests and the conditions look awesome! 
Fadi Issa on his 2013/14 winter season at Fuerte:
"We've had an epic winter here in the Canaries with waves almost every day and some good quality kite days. The Fuerte Rabbit Gang has been on it whenever the conditions have been good. Local team standouts include Heri Hernandez and Albert Cebria - they have been charging!  
I also tried out the RSE kites in some good size waves to test the durability and i can say that they feel and are just as strong as the Rabbit kites - stoked to use them for my lessons!  See you in Fuerte!"
Visit our RSE Program website and enjoy the amazing sport of kitesurfing, and if you want to train with Fadi just get in touch with him via www.ksfuerte.com!
Photos by courtesy of: Jean Bertholet, Kai Scharf, Marcus Damsell Mahalo!