We are stoked to present a fresh edit from our PKRA contender and ManiaC connoisseur - Forest Bakker. The edit was filmed in Indonesia and as always,  Forest took a copious amount off cameras with.  The result is an amazing video showing the beauty of the Indonesian coast, lifestyle and amazing kite spots. 

Forest also provided his own perspective on his trip:

"I had some free time this summer in August and decided to visit my father who has been sailing around the world for the past 2 years and indonesia was the perfect place for a family trip. 1 kite, my camera gear & 1 surf board is all I brought with me. I wasn’t really sure if i would get any wind but I can’t travel to any destination without at least a ManiaC in my quiver. The first week was spent surfing most of the time and training the crew that never used a filming camera before.  The second week we arrived at a spot with our 100ft sailing yacht and for a couple of days we managed to film some decent kiting action to include in Aer. The word Aer means water in Indonesian Bahasa as this movie is all about playing with wind and water.”