We are excited to officially announce another great talent  to our ManiaC team at Wainman Hawaii. Please meet our new team rider: Maximilian "Maxi" Gomez from Tarifa, Spain. 

Maxi is joining our Spanish ManiaC crew, with Forest Bakker and Alvaro Onieva,  to solidify a creative team that pushes the limits. Find out more about Maxi and his first thoughts on joining the Wainman Hawaii in a quick Q & A with him below.

Wainman Hawaii: How do you feel about joining the Wainman Hawaii Team?.

Maxi Gomez: I can immediately identify with the style of the team is and what they are aiming for. It’s a really cool and core kiteboarding brand, and for me its a honor to be part of the team!


WH: You are a pure freestyle rider. Tell us what are your favorite tricks and what you are working on?.

MG: At the moment I'm training hard in Brazil. I’m working on double passes right now keeping the kite low. But If i have to stick with one trick in particular that is my favorite, it is the BackMobe5.


WH: You have been riding ManiaC C Kite for few weeks now? What do you think about the kite?.

MG: I think it is a perfect Kite for my style, as the kite gives me the right slack and pop for my powered tricks. Also the relaunching is super easy thanks to the 5th line.


WH: What are your kiteboarding goals for 2015 in terms of competition?.

MG: I’m working as hard as I can to qualify next Year for the Top 24. I want to gain as much experience as possible competing, so I can be ready in 2016 to be on top of the rankings.


WH: Your hometown is Tarifa (Spain) but you consider your residence as "all around the world”: so where are your favorite kite spots?

MG: There are many great spots around the world but my favorite is in Tarifa. It is great for training and everyday is different - there is nothing like feeling at home!


WH: Few words words for the fans?.

MG: I want to thank all the people supporting me, such my parents and sponsors - Big Thanks!. :)


For the latest photos and updates from Maxi, please follow the Wainman Hawaii Official and Maxi Gomez Official Facebook fanpages!