With its combo of strong winds and perfect spots, Cape Town, which is known as Mecca to Kitesurfers, is THE place to find out what the craze is all about.

Rabbit Gang Germany riders Jan Rogge and Peer Cipriani spent their winter break in Cape Town. They were joined by our local SA Gang - Megz and Tyler, trying out our latest ManiaC C-Kite slightly off the peak season!

Quick report from Jan Rogge:

"A little secret that not many know about,  the best time for Cape Town is March and April. Empty beaches, huge waves and it's still like summer. That's why the German Rabbits Peer and me met up with the local team Tyler and Maghan for some Filming and good action with the new Wainman Hawaii Maniac.

The ManiaC was surprising us on every session. We could go out for some big kiteloops on the 6.m in big bay or stoked freestyle session in Muizenberg on the 9.5m - ManiaC was great every single time we got into the water. We will be back to CT next year for sure."

Enjoy the movie edit and short action gallery from Cape Town sessions and Ride Hard with Wainman Hawaii!


Photos by Peer Cipriani