We are very proud to announce that our Dutch rider, Lisa van Ginkel, is the 2013 Netherlands Freestyle Champion!

Her consistency throughout the 2013 Netherlands Freestyle Championship was the key to her final success. With her strong 2nd place on the 1st event, she approached the final event with a hunger for final victory! The tournament circumstances were also playing in Lisa’s favor, as her main rival Annelous Lammerts was surprisingly eliminated in the first round by Vera Klabbers. Klabbers had a great day and became the winner of the final weekend.

Lisa took 2nd spot at the podium once again and in the overall standings she topped overall championship scoreboards and became 2013 Netherlands Freestyle Champion!

This is a really amazing performance from Lisa, who currently studies at two university at the same time, and still finds some time to train. Well done! 

Mahalo & Aloha!


Pictures: courtesy of Reinout Smit (Watersport pics) / Hanglos.net and Sam Stegers