Two-time KPWT Vice World Champion and Four-time Belgian Champion Leander Vyvey joins Wainman Hawaii as our new International Team Rider. 

„I am extremely proud to become part of this fast growing kiteboarding company. It has been a brand I always liked and it is amazing to see the passion they put in every product made. 

Recently invited to test two final models of their new “ManiaC” C-kite I knew immediately it was the best kite I’d ever flown, and really welcomed the idea of becoming part of their international promotion”

Can you tell us a bit more about your current projects in the kitesurfing world?

Well, I quit competing some years ago, and don’t have immediate plans to go back onto the World Tour.  It is incredible how much I have been enjoying the free riding these passed months and my ambition is to use this good vibe to finalize some video as well as promotional shooting in relation to the promotion of my sponsors.

In parallel, I have used the passed 4 years to work on our Travel Agency for kiteboarding holidays, and I’m glad to be able to share my passion for traveling with all the people that book their kitesurfing holidays through

Music plays an important part in your life, tell us a bit more.

I have always loved music and who doesn’t! I love to play guitar and when the mood is good and we have a great moment of jamming, it gets me just as good feeling as when having a great kite session. Both are my drugs for releasing energy as well as the emotions of the moment.

If you were to advise a beginner kitesurfer on the equipment to take, what would you tell him?

I would surely advise any beginner kitesurfer to take a safe kite, with good quality, security system and depower. They should go and try the kite that fits them best. The funny thing about promoting Wainman Hawaii, is that their best sales strategy is simply to have people try their kites. It always works as everybody loves them.

What is the new trend in kiteboarding to your opinion?

Kiteboarding has always been a bit a mix of all different riding styles, and I think we have arrived at a point where you can see those different styles evaluate, each in their distinct direction.

Some of the riding styles that have become almost a sport on their own are for example the wake style riders, who are usually very young and crazy participants, training very difficult and dangerous moves.

Secondly, more and more popular you see the people riding directional boards, enjoying waves and enjoying the feeling of riding strapless. Depending of the waves of course, this is usually a somewhat less risky way of kitesurfing and very popular with the older group of kitesurfers who cannot assume taking the risks that go with wake style riding. 

Maybe some last words to close this interview!?

A big thanks to Wainman Hawaii for making such great kites and boards.

And I wish all kite boarders around the world, the best winds and the greatest kiteboarding sessions possible!