A few weeks ago our WH surf connoisseurs, Cato Olsen and Fadi Issa, sessioned Fadi's homestpot Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain. Cato and Fadi had plenty to do enjoying quality kitesurfing in one of the best wave kitesurfing spots in Europe.

Straight after the trip Cato shared his thoughts:

The last couple of years I found myself returning to this amazing Canary Island. The combination of great wind and waves, warm climate, a huge range of activities and super friendly people is the main reasons for returning to Fuerteventura every year. We just love this place and the amazing atmosphere!

My family and I stayed for 4 weeks this time, and as always the wind and waves was on almost every day. It`s not a coincidence that Fuerteventura is loosely translated as "Strong Winds ;) I ended up mainly using the 6,25m Gypsy and 9m Smoke kites on this trip. Mr. Green 7,5 was for sure a very popular size among the locals, and is the perfect size for the summer conditions on Fuerte. Our surfboards of choice are mainly Wainman Hawaii Magnum from latest 2015 range but Fadi sometimes had a go on his strapless dedicated Passport surf too.

There are a lot of activities to enjoy on the island: kitesurf, surfing, windsurfing, sup, diving, sailing, mtb, trails, fishing and more. You won’t get bored that’s for sure!

As always, Fadi and I had an absolute blast out in the waves! It was really fun to hit the waves with that crazy Rabbit again!  If you are planning a trip I will recommend you hook up with him: one of the pioneers of the sport and a super friendly guy! He offers surf and kite lessons (both pro and beginner), and some great accommodation locations! Check out his setup here: www.ksfuerte.com

We had a truly amazing trip, and will return again soon for sure!

Here is a small edit from the Wainman Hawaii kitesurfing ambassadors to motivate you to visit Fuerte for great wave riding!