August 1 -10, 2014: The Wainman Hawaii Team was at he Kitesurf World Cup at Saint Peter Ording in Germany, showcasing the newly released Rabbit Gang 3.0 kites.

It was the official release of the Rabbit Gang 3.0 product line to public and our distribution network in Europe. Special thanks to all the hard work by our Austrian and Germany distributors - the Unhooked team (Ronald and Matt together with team). We would like to thank them for a great reception and their efforts put into organizing the Wainman Hawaii booth and testing area at the event.

During the event we had the great pleasure of hosting our distributors and representatives from United Kingdom, Spain, Norway, Switzerland, Israel, Poland and France. It was amazing to meet everyone in person, analyze the brand new products and to have fun as one big Wainman Hawaii family! Our riders that were present included Niccolo Porcella, Franz Olry, Forest Bakker, Fadi Issa, Jan Rogge, Peer Cipriani and they were providing information to anyone interested in Wainman Hawaii toys! The new Rabbits were available for testing at the official testing area, but unfortunately the wind conditions were not favorable during the week so Punch, Boss and Big Mama were the most tested kites. Luckily the winds picked up by the end of the event so our fans could put their hands on Bunny, Gypsy, Mr Green or Smoke! The initial feedback was very positive and we are happy and confident the new era of Rabbit Gang 3.0!

Please enjoy a photo gallery by Peer Cipriani and look forward to meeting again soon!

We appreciate the support!


Wainman Hawaii International