Here at Wainman Hawaii we describe him as "small in stature but huge in power and maneuverability, you need him in your quiver if you want to ride when the wind is nuking. Yeah, the wind is whipping and all the big dogs are beached, the Bunny is out eating up gusts, cause that’s how he rolls."

His name is Bunny - 5 meters of Wainman Hawaii Super Power!

KITEWORLD Magazine described Bunny as "Unique, stylish and great looking, the Bunny takes us back to a time when men were men and kites were simple" and "No stress, no dramas, just the right tool for the job, however you want to kite."

This is proof of Bunny worth in our flagship Rabbit Gang 2.0 series.

Since Tuva Jansen joined our team early this year, she fell in love with the Bunny (everybody loves Rabbits we know :)) and used him to the limits on her extended stay inMaui, Hi. When we asked her which kite would she like to present to you, "Bunny!!" she said, without much hesitation!  She also has a Bunny in her quiver for Indo in order to be prepared for Indo Waves Exploration with Tuva & Bunny soon!

Enjoy our Bunny edit and please be aware that our kites are ready for you to test and buy at our dealer network worldwide!

Rabbit Gang is waiting!