Fresh edit dropping from the Rabbit Gang Cabarete showcasing the latest ManiaC C-Kite at a demo day and an amazing performance from WH Pro, Luciano Gonzalez, at Master of the Ocean 2014! 

The DR Demos are always one of our favorites. Wainman Hawaii is represented in the DR to the max by Maraja Beach Club and the stoke is contagious! As we thought, The Gang went crazy with the latest Wainman Hawaii power fun tool - the ManiaC! The local young blood riders were really amazed by the power and endless freestyle capabilities - see the movie and you will know what they are talking about! Thanks to all the local riders for showing up and throwing down!  

Our local Wainman Hawaii DR PRO, Luciano Gonzalez, was on top of his game throwing buckets and spraying the humpback whales playing behind the reef at the 2014 Master Of The Ocean located at Encuentro Beach.  Representing with his LTD Rabbit Gang 2.0 kites, Luciano man handled the waves and resulted #1 spot in Kitesurfing division and 2nd overall in MOTO 2014!

Ride Hard!