Just this past week-end, Wainman Hawaii affiliates from Leading Edge Kiteboarding, Edmonton, AB, Canada, hosted a 30km snowkiting endurance race at South Cooking Lake just outside of Edmonton.

All the preparation for the event created a media flurry just days before the race, and our Western Canadian Rabbit Gang had the exciting opportunity to promote the sport on both radio and TV (links to the coverage can be found on Leading Edge Kiteboarding’s Facebook Page).

It goes without saying that the event was a success and we are stoked for both Leading Edge and all the riders involved for their success in participating in what looked like a fantastic day out. In line with the creativity that represents Wainman Hawaii so well, be sure to also check out the trophies Piotr Drajling from Leading Edge hand made for the event!

Fantastic work guys! We look forward to seeing more of what you’ll be up to this year!