The Rabbit Gang series kites are globally renowned as being one of the most verstaile kites in the industry.  No matter what the conditions or skill set of the rider, the kites provide maximum fun and performance in wave riding, freeriding, freestyle and cruising.  With a near perfect recipe for an all-round kite, we were very cautious to make fine adjustments in order to improve the product. There is always room for minor improvements and updates that will enhance the Rabbit Gang series kites without altering the core DNA.

So, what's new?

RG 3.1 kite:

  • new, unique silver grey canopy color
  • new front bridles - only 1 part needed to replace when used
  • new robust system of bladder valve welding
  • new quick inflation/deflation valve 
  • rapid big pump with gauge 
  • re-designed kite bag

RG 3.1 bar:

  • new bar grip
  • new leash with neoprane cover and new molded release handle
  • new, easily replaceable trimming line
  • stronger lines (350 kg)
  • improved quick release
  • new, nylon reinforced chicken loop tape

These improvements provide an overall difference to the complete kite package and it's unique performance.