NAME: Niccolo Peter Kai Porcella

AGE: 26


PREFERRED KITE/BOARD SETUP: 7.5 Mr Green & 5'10 Magnum 

I LOVE KITESURFING BECAUSE: It clears my mind makes me a better person and gives me the good stuff energy joy happiness:).!!!

APART FROM KITESURFING I AM INTO: My wife, family and friends, mother natures beauty, good food, Bodysurfing,Surfing, Big wave surfing, tow-surfing, Sup, free diving, Acrobatics, Cliff-diving, Wingsuit flying, BASE jumping, MMA and more good stuff;)) 

BETWEEN SESSIONS I LISTEN TO: Pandora has all the music you want 

HOMESPOT: Kitebeach Maui 

FAVORITE SPOT: It's a Secret ;)!!! Sorry 

How did you start kiteboarding?: The summer of 99 is when I first sow it in Sardinia then the movie of Lou and Eliot HIGH and feel in love with it, then my family moved to Maui the summer of 2000 and that's when when I learned kiteing with Mauricio Toscano.

What have been the best and worst moments you've experienced in this sport?: The best moment's are the ones when it's you and your friends out in perfect conditions pushing your limits landing new moves catching the biggest waves surviving heavy scary wipe out's... The worst part with is also part of
the sport is when you get injured.