NAME: Idani Capellan

AGE: 18

COUNTRY: Dominican Republic





HOMESPOT: Cabarete

FAVORITE SPOT: La Boca, Cabarete

Wainman Hawaii: Tell us more about yourself and how long you have been kiteboarding?
Idani Capellan: Well, my name is Idani, I'm 18 years old from Cabarete, DR. I've been kiting since I was about 10, so it's 8 yrs I've been riding on and off, because I didn't have my own gear when I was younger.

WH: How do you feel about joining the Wainman Hawaii Team?
IC: I feel very happy about joining the Wainman Hawaii Team. I love the kites, the graphics, the feeling of having all the beach eyes on you while you go all out throwing tricks and having fun. I'm really stoked to be sponsored by Wainman Hawaii and ride these really cool kites and boards. Also, I can train everyday with my own ManiaC and Joke quiver of all sizes on any wind conditions, and get pics and videos for my family, friends and everyone to see me kiting with my Wainman Hawaii kites. I love it.

WH: You are pure freestyle rider, tell us what are your favorite tricks and maybe you are working on some new ones now?
IC: Yes. I'm a pure freestyle rider that enjoy going aggressively on my sessions. Being a freestyler on flatwater is one thing. Being a freestyler in Cabarete choppy waters is a different thing. I feel that I ride better when we go train or compete in flat water. I do various tricks really well, some others I'm working on right now. I still have to learn them by name hahaha. I will need some help with that.

WH: What are your kite-boarding goals for 2014 in terms of competition?
IC: As soon as I got sponsored by Wainman Hawaii they held a national competition in Cabarete named the DR Open Kiteboarding, and I placed 3rd in the Semi-PRO category. I was training for the Cabarete PKRA this summer, but they cancelled the event and now I'm waiting to see if any other local event will be held for me to compete and gain some more experience before going anywhere. I kite everyday until the nesxt competition. I'm having a blast!

WH: You have been riding ManiaC C Kite for few weeks now? What do you think about the kite?
IC: I think the kite is unbelievable. I get so much slack and time to do my tricks that sometimes I laugh myself about the possibilities of doing more difficult ones and landing them cleanly if I wanted to. But need to practice them to make them perfect. I get so much power on the ManiaC that sometimes I crash hard, but I'm definitely getting a feel for the kite everyday. I'm really enjoying these kites. The local veterans tell me that this is the pure 4 line C-kite originated back when they were riding the PRO tour in the early days. I'm also surprised at how easy they relaunch, for a C-shaped kite. I can be aggresive on any wind too, I have ManiaCs in all sizes, from 6.5M to 11.5M. The ones I use the most in Cabarete are my Black 8M and my Orange 9.5M.

WH: You are based in Dominican Republic and Cabarete is your home spot but do you have any other favorite ones?
IC: Yea, I love kiting at La Boca, where the river meets the Ocean upwind from Cabarete. I also love to ride in Montecristi and some new spots I went for a photoshoot with Trips-DR along the north coast of the island with flat water and 25 knots of pure and steady winds in a very beautiful and natural beach called Buen Hombre and Cayo Arena, near Montecristi.

WH: Few words words for the fans?
IC: Keep shredding with the Rabbit Gang and Go ManiaC on all your kite sessions. Never quit on your dreams of being a PRO in your life!