NAME: Cato Olsen

AGE: 37


PREFERRED KITE/BOARD SETUP: The Gypsy 6,25 and Magnum 5`7

I LOVE KITESURFING BECAUSE: I find it hard to describe with words, but everytime I go out it just blows my mind! It`s freedom, fun, happiness, challenging, calming, peaceful and all those good feelings! You can really feel the power and beauty of mother nature out there, and it`s highly addictive!!

APART FROM KITESURFING I AM INTO: My amazing daughter and wife, travel, mountain bike, surf, snowboard, snowkite, running trails, diving and anything that makes me feel alive and happy!

BETWEEN SESSIONS I LISTEN TO: All kind of stuff, but rock is my favourite. Rage against the machines always gets my blood pumping before a session, and Bob Marley does the trick after.

HOMESPOT: My first 11 years of kitesurfing my homespot was Herdla outside Bergen. Mainly flatwater, and it was all about freestyle back then. Three years ago I moved to Stavanger to get closer to the best waves in Norway. My homespot is Jæren, on the west coast of Norway.

FAVORITE SPOT: That`s a hard one! Le Morne, Mauritius is just amazing, Cabarete is always fun, North shore Fuerteventura of course, Wintertime on Jæren is sick!